What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapist treating a young ladyPhysioDurham are focused on helping you reduce your pain and restriction, or regain balance and function to your body.

Scars, trauma, strains, posture, work conditions and even sports and other leisure activities like gardening have a big influence on all areas of your body.

Your movement patterns, the way your muscles work, the position of your joints, the tension on your nerves, the pressure on your discs and the mobility of your organs. Physiotherapy aims to regain this balance and free you from pain and achesĀ so that you can get back to doing what you do best.

Depending on your needs and using different techniques, your physiotherapist will mobilise joints, spine and organs, stretch and smooth muscles, strengthen and rejuvenate your back and neck, improve your posture and gait and advise you on biomechanics, and even an assessment of your workstation and car seat if that’s required.

You as a whole are unique and are at the centre of your treatment. This approach guarantees you a stable recovery and long lasting results.

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Conditions treated with Physio

We successfully treat people of all ages; from children who take part in regular sporting activities such as football and gymnastics, to adults who have jobs as diverse as factory workers to office workers and even those who are retired and enjoying activities such as horse-riding or regular gardening.

Each and every person comes with individual needs requiring attention. The most common are listed above, but if you can’t find yours just get in touch for a chat over the phone with one of our experienced physiotherapists. We don’t bite and expert information and advice doesn’t cost anything at PhysioDurham

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