Headaches & Migraine

What causes Headaches?

There are several reasons for headaches. Most are not serious and once the cause is established headaches can often be helped by simple changes in lifestyle.

One cause can often be tension or strain in the muscles and joints of the neck and upper back. Treatment from a physiotherapist can help with this.


How can Physiotherapy help?

Gentle massage to the tight muscles and manipulation to loosen the joints of the neck, thorax and back can relieve the build-up of muscular tension that may lead to headaches. Your physio can also advise on exercise and lifestyle changes and offer guidance on simple changes to your posture when at work or driving which may help.


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How can I help myself?

Stress often makes headaches worse and can even make you develop a headache in the first place. Learning how to relax can help you to keep headaches under control. There are many different ways to relax or reduce stress. Here are seven relaxation techniques that headache sufferers have found useful.

Try to do one of these each day:

  • Massage to ease head pain
  • Try some deep breathing to prevent headaches
  • Drink plenty of water – keep hydrated
  • Relax your mind
  • Listen to music
  • A simple muscle relaxing exercise
  • Practice yoga
  • Exercise regularly


More information on Headaches

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